Don't Fake Your Credentials in Regulatory Docs

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    Smith, who founded Source Financial in 2012, never completed exams required to obtain the CFP designation and also falsely attested in her firm’s ADV brochure that she graduated in 1986 from Radford University, a college in Virginia that she attended but did not matriculate from because of insufficient credits, the SEC said.

    Smith, 52, and her firm admitted to the findings and the sanctions, which require her to provide Source clients with a notice of the regulatory order within 30 days. Source Financial early last year also issued a revised ADV brochure after being contacted by the SEC, and contacted clients, to correct the misrepresentation.

    It's so stupid to fake a credential - especially on a firm ADV regulatory document.

    However, I do give credit for managing $250 million for 75 clients.

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