Experienced ADJUSTERS Please Help!

Mar 16, 2016

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    I am 52 years old - making a career change. I had been in real estate for 10 years and moved on to other things in 2011 after trying to survive after the crash! I am currently working in a job I do not like, therefore, I have been researching employment as an insurance "claims adjuster" OR "underwriter." Can anyone provide some "sage" advice concerning either/or ... pros or cons regarding the 2 fields. I am considering pre-licensure (Indiana/Texas since its reciprocal) for claims adjusting. Is it a good place to start and is there opportunity for "moving up?" Is U.W. something I can do (my wife is thinking of U.W. also) from the git-go or do I need to move into it after getting experience in the field? I am a novice at this point so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and I hope I make a little bit of sense with my question?
    BobbyB1, Mar 16, 2016