Experienced Independent Life Insurance Agent Seeking New Mentor (Phoenix, AZ)

Mar 7, 2016

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    My name is Steven (28).

    I am currently licenced in the state of Arizona as a life insurance producer. I have been selling life insurance throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area for two years as an independent agent and am in search of an honest, experienced mentor to assist me with my continued development as a sales agent in this industry.

    Since earning my licence, I have been contracted with two different insurance agencies that engaged (and probably continue to engage) in malpractice.

    Both these agencies train and develop their contracted agents with dishonest and misleading sales tactics: specifically, calling to book appointments as person A -- a member of a fictitious lead distribution company -- in an attempt to book an appointment for themselves as person B --an employee of the bank the clients' home loan originated from.

    Furthermore, after seeking an independent lead source outside of these agencies, I was unfortunate enough to have partnered with an IMO that sold me "hot leads" that might as well have been randomly selected names from the phone book. Most of the "clients" issued to me were people who had never expressed interest in life insurance to begin with.

    Any salesman/saleswoman knows that the biggest obstacle in ANY sales funnel should be booking the appointment and getting in front of the client...not losing the lead by finding out that the client never requested a call in the first place.

    However, I have not yet given up hope.

    As of now, I am avidly looking to find a local sales agent with a great deal of conviction and integrity; someone who is willing to take me under his or her wing and mentor me as a needs-based, people-oriented salesman.

    Here are my requirements:

    • Term Life Only
    • Has a reputable lead source (I am looking to spend $2,000/month on quality leads)
    • Can meet on a bi-weekly basis at the minimum
    • Contracted with Mutual of Omaha (my primary arrow in my quiver)
    • Willing to assist me with building a network of new agents

    Should you feel that you can commit to further developing me, I promise I will dedicate everything I have to this mentorship.


    Please call me at (571) 209-7511 or email me at steven.manausa(AT)manausacorrelative(DOT)com if you are able and willing to mentor me.

    Thank you in advance!