Exploring the Insurance Industry in Canada or USA

Jul 14, 2015

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    I am a American, originally from Washington. I current reside as a landed immigrant in Canada. My current career field is Information Technology but I want to know if should I consider a career in insurance. Which country provided the best promise of a good career and income? What are the educational requirements of both?

    On the flip side, I am really considering moving back to the states. Cost of properties are sky high in the Vancouver region and want to reconsider doing sales in Washington State, buy a house and eventually retire.

    Here are a few question I need answered:

    - What are the requirements to be a agent in Washington State?
    - Where can I find a mentor to ask question from?
    - Who can recommend national agencies that work in Washington state?
    - What are some of the downsides to being new to this field?
    - Does insurance educational requirements change from state to state?

    From a personal standpoint, I love to convince people what is right for them, and what there future would look like if, they were to invest in a given investment "I used to trade stock".

    Thanks much!
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    Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

    Did you really need me to google that for you?

    Good question. Once you have a question, you can probably ask here, or ask the companies that you contract with. That's what they get paid to do.

    There are lots. You can start out by looking at CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com and then asking for feedback on various companies.

    You can also use the forum search function. It's here: Insurance Forum - Search Forums

    You won't know what you're doing and can easily either screw up cases or not sell anything. This leads to burn-out and failing out. Screwing up can result in a lawsuit. Ignorance isn't bliss in this business.

    Yes. Start here: Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

    Then go here: Insurance Pre-Licensing Forum and here: Insurance Continuing Education Forum

    If you want to talk about investments, then you'll need proper licensing and set up with either a broker/dealer or an investment advisory firm. Otherwise, you could be sued for offering investment advice without being properly licensed to do so.

    Google is your friend, but I think he's feeling quite neglected by you.
    DHK, Jul 14, 2015
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    South Carolina
    I would poke around the forum some more. Get an idea of the different markets and which ones interest you.

    Since you are talking about retiring, I would look into focusing on annuities. There are some good IMO's out there that offer programs that you can get to work on. Just do what they say until you learn more about the business, products, retirement planning, etc.
    Cash, Jul 14, 2015
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    I am Diana Krall an American, originally from California. I currently reside as a landed immigrant in Canada. The Insurance industry has a wide variety of jobs that can suit a wide scope of people with very different skill sets. Insurance organizations are encouraged to build a corporate culture of cyber security that address technological threats and security training for employees. Insurance is all around us; the industry has a wide variety of careers to match the ambitions and interests of virtually everyone, while offering the flexibility to change directions along the way.