Farmers: Does Not Do Audits? (Help)

Jan 15, 2016

  1. g717

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    Here's the situation guys.

    Commercial lines

    I have ran into three businesses that Farmers has insured. The policies literally have like minimum allowed in payroll or receipts. I know it's as low as it can go, I ask if they have ever received an audit and they always say no.

    I have literally turned people away because they have Farmers and although I went Indy, I know upon renewal and an audit occurs, the client is going to be mad at me because farmers never raised rates because business was good.

    How have you gotten around this, Its mostly hispanic businesses I deal with and the Agents from Farmers are hispanic as well. (side story: I made one of them cry on the phone the other day becuase I almost snagged a nice case)

    Im in the State of Iowa.
    g717, Jan 15, 2016
  2. hesse

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    BOPS are generally not auditable. most are based on sq footage or BPP
    hesse, Jan 18, 2016