Fidelity Life Bait and Switch?

Feb 10, 2016

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    Fidelity Life


    Does anybody know about a company called fidelity life?

    I have a relative that was sold some type of hybrid policy

    She was quoted a price for a term policy and was told an initial face amount would start, pending a med exam.

    They sent a person out that couldn't even read medical words and I doubt if even she knew how to take an accurate blood pressure

    Policies I guess have a 30/day look?
    They waited longer than the 30 days to get the policy to her and claimed that she had high blood pressure.

    She saved the envelope fortunately which has the date on it as to when they mailed it, which was later than when they printed it

    It just so happened that she had her annual physical with a real doctor and all came back fine

    Any advice?
    Is this a “bait & switch”?
    Agent574, Feb 10, 2016