Free Article and Webinar on Biggest Homeowners Change in 40 Years

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    ISO’s 2015 Landmark Homeowners Change

    ISO has filed countrywide perhaps the biggest homeowners insurance change in at least 40 years. IF YOU SELL, UNDERWRITE, ADJUST, RISK MANAGE, TEACH, OR REGULATE homeowners insurance, YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE about this change. In fact, even if you work in commercial lines but you or someone you know OWNS A HOME, please READ this article. In addition, SHARE this article with everyone you believe needs to understand the nature of this change.

    “ISO Files Most Important Homeowners Change in 40 Years”
    Big “I” Virtual University Newsletter and FREE Webinar to Explain Elimination of Potential Catastrophic Coverage Gap

    In 2001, we learned of a potentially catastrophic coverage gap in most homeowners policies. For the past 14 years, we have written about this and discussed it in seminars and webinars across the country. For the past 10 years, we have worked with ISO through our national Technical Affairs Committee in negotiating a resolution to this problem that all affected parties can live with. This effort has culminated in the recently filed ISO changes addressed in this article:

    Virtual University - ISO Files Most Important Homeowners Change in 40 Years

    Again, please make sure that everyone on your staff is aware of, and understands, this change. And be sure to sign up for our July 8 national webinar linked from the article. This one-hour (approx.) webinar will elaborate on these changes and the rationale for them, as well as allowing for Q&A.

    - Bill Wilson, CPCU, ARM
    Assoc. VP, Education & Research
    Director, Virtual University
    [email protected]

    Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

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