Free Check Up and Change Insurance

Feb 18, 2016

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    New York
    I have two questions regarding health insurance. I've been having
    a health insurance since Obamacare started(2013), and it comes with a free
    check up. However, my situation changed and I can no longer afford to pay for it. So I want to cancel my insurance from the next month, but this year,
    I had free gynecologic check ups (pop smear & mammogram), one dental check up, and one vaccination. This is my first time using my insurance for free check up in past years.

    It is ok for me to pay for penalty fee, but my question is that I have to pay for
    free check ups I received if I cancel my insurance within the year? or is there certain period I have to hold an insurance to be eligible for free check ups? ( I called the market place customer service but the person didn't know the answer).

    And my next question is that if I cancel my insurance and move somewhere in the U.S, would it possible to enroll a new insurance other than open enrollment period (Nov to Jan)?

    Thank you.
    Taco, Feb 18, 2016