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Nov 16, 2017

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    This OEP, HealthSherpa offers their best technology at their lowest price ever!

    The Technology
    HealthSherpa’s new technology allows agents to complete applications in 5 minutes or less — without being redirected to! To sweeten the deal, agents can even submit applications on HealthSherpa when is down due to scheduled maintenance or high traffic.

    The Price
    All new applications through HealthSherpa are only $2.50 and client renewals are FREE for 2018 Open Enrollment!

    Additional Perks

    HealthSherpa’s new agent dashboard gives you the opportunity to easily quote, enroll, and track your clients. Plus, it comes with a bulk email marketing feature, a customizable landing page, and an easy tool to upload clients and leads.

    Join over 20,000 agents who already use HealthSherpa by signing up below.

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