FREE Webinar: Selling Non-Traditional LTCi in Today’s Market

Apr 26, 2018

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    May is a month in which we honor and celebrate mothers. One great way to do that as an insurance agent is to provide them with more peace of mind regarding their and their loved ones’ financial futures.

    Non-traditional long-term care insurance (LTCi) can provide your clients with excellent protection against major unexpected health-care costs in retirement and make a great alternative to traditional, stand-alone LTCi plans. Learn more about this form of coverage in Ritter Insurance Marketing’s free webinar on selling non-traditional LTCi in today’s market on May 29 at 2PM ET! Sign up to attend it here >

    During the webinar, Ritter’s LTC Manager, Mike Baker, will:
    • Provide a basic overview of the LTC market
    • Discuss how to sell non-traditional LTCi, life/LTCi, and annuity/LTCi products
    • Briefly review traditional LTCi and short-term care insurance (STCi)
    Why Sell LTCi with Ritter?
    • Full portfolio of asset-based LTC product solutions available (including stand-alone LTCi and STCi)
    • Policies can include monthly LTC benefit, return of premium, tax-free death benefit, and unlimited benefit options
    • Joint sales support
    • Great 50/50 Referral Program
    Find out how to generate more new business and alleviate mothers’ and others’ fears! Register for the webinar >
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