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    The Geek Notes CRM is FREE to use!

    Thousands of insurance agents already trust ACAExpress to provide them with the top rated ACA enrollment platform available. We've now taken it a step further.

    Agents often ask us for a CRM to keep track of their client information and we're proud to deliver. Available from our in-house IMO/FMO, Benefit Geek, we've released the Geek Notes CRM and it's 100% FREE for ALL agents to use.

    In addition to being able to stay organized with the CRM, you'll also be able to quote Final Expense life insurance for our carriers right on the platform. The best part is it'll never cost you anything. This is just one more thing we do to help agents get ahead.

    Try Out The Geek Notes CRM Today by Clicking Here

    Got questions? Email us!

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