Getting Employees Prepared for Open Enrollment

Sep 14, 2016

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    We are getting into that time of year when a large majority of employer groups enroll their core benefits like health insurance, dental, vision and other benefits.

    I wrote a up a list of tips for employees to be better prepared to take care of their enrollment.

    I'll put three here and then if this if you are interested in reading more tips, I include a link to many more that are included in my "Employee Guide to Open Enrollment."

    1. Know what your spouse has at their employer - Sometimes employees hold up the enrollment process because they didn't check into what their spouse had before they started their enrollment and have to check before they sign up for their benefits.

    2. Not doing wellness screenings or smoking cessation programs to reduce premiums - Many employees could get a discount on their health insurance premiums if they completed these things. However, some employees don't bother.

    3. Missing the deadline to enroll - It's crazy how you have to track down employees to get them to sit down and take care of their enrollment. Sometimes, people just miss the enrollment because of it.

    Here's a link to my guide if you are interested in more of my thoughts about this:

    The Employee's Guide to Open Enrollment

    What kind of tips do you have to help employees prepare for open enrollment?