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Oct 29, 2018

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    Better than any leads you can buy, The Kindness Revolution (TKR) is a way to help your community while enhancing your business presence in the market.

    Offering exclusive partnering for each town, TKR is a non-profit association, dedicated to bringing communities together in a positive way while indirectly helping you grow your business and differentiating yourself from the competition by getting involved in the revolution.

    Insurance industry’s online publication, Rough Notes spotlighted TKR and the benefits of involvement by two of our member insurance agents. Read the article here.

    Learn how to create a groundswell of kindness in your town!

    There is a major un-kindness revolution going on in the US today. When we kick off TKR in a community it creates a groundswell. Everyone wants to get involved including schools, teachers, PTAs, churches, youth groups, local businesses, and the media. With our materials to support you as a local member partner, you demonstrate your kindness and interest in the people you want to work with.

    Positioning yourself for success

    Insurance agents are finding TKR to be a great way to create positive impression in the market. Read how other producers have found success by becoming a member:

    After one day of being a member, State Farm Agent Brynn Hobbs wrote, “My team and I are totally astonished right now. The Facebook post already has nearly 90 comments and 20 shares. We’ve had several people walk in today to grab their Kindness Packets. I have an appointment in about an hour with an official at our local college to discuss ways that we can spread kindness throughout their campus. We are very excited!”

    Over 400 agents and growing. Be a part of the revolution.

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