Has anybody done business with Assurance/Lumico Life

Feb 21, 2018

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    When I was trying to decide between telesales and F2F, I talked to a lady in his office. Nothing about it seemed right. They have this amazingly successful system where their guinea pig (who is pry Mike) made sixty some thousand dollars in 9 months or something with the most amazing and low priced carriers on the market, BUUUUUUUT they can't tell you who any of these carriers are or about any of the products that you want to sell before you fork over a $300 startup cost and sign a NDA. Just seems greasy and I can't imagine anyone but a brand new agent forking over money before he even knows the carrier he'll be writing for.

    By the way, this was in regards to his Aion program, not the FE Dojo. I'd be less likely to want to sell FE by phone because the few examples I've seen have all been high pressure, and it seems to me like you might have to use that approach to be successful. With Term and IUL at least you're usually talking to younger people who are used to doing business digitally.
    Abrasax, Jan 6, 2019