Has anyone Used Outbound Engine

Aug 10, 2016

  1. wornout

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    We are considering trying them for social media. Anyone has success? The carriers are really pushing social media, and I don't have the resources to keep the content up. Thanks.
    wornout, Aug 10, 2016
  2. dnelson530

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    Yes and all I can say is - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    I wanted them to fill my social media with relevant content, but on the sales call they added an enticing extra: A quarterly sweepstakes for a $500 Amazon gift card as part of a "referral program" to entice my clients and leads to refer people to me. The sales person ensured me that my clients would be a single drawing pool and one of them would win. Flat out lie. There is one sweepstakes for ALL of OE's customers. I had to inquire three times after the first sweepstakes ended to find this out, and I think they let the cat out of the bag by mistake.

    Their content looks good and professional, but I found that no one interacted with it or liked it - it's almost too "slick" and I think clients would rather see something they know is from me than content that appears overproduced andimpersonal.

    I was also counting on getting referrals from the buttons in their emails to my clients and leads, but no one ever clicked on ANYTHING from their emails, ever. No referrals, no reviews. On client told me that even though they knew I had "approved" the emails and newsletters, they were afraid the company sending them out would share their information and they would get spammed.

    When I expressed my concerns they wanted to do coaching calls. I tried their suggestions with zero results. When I told them I was canceling, they said I would have to pay the remaining 9 months on my "contract", even though I had not signed a contract. They said the "terms of service" I agreed to specified 12 months. At over $300 a month, there was no way I was going to pay that.

    When they finally called me (after ignoring my emails and the fact that I had deleted my clients from their database 6 weeks before) the guy on the phone droned on forever about how much time they were saving me - at the same time telling me how much work I would have to do to engage my clients despite this being what I was paying them for! I had to eventually block their number as they would not stop calling me.

    Bottom line, if you want to overpay for content and get no leads, referrals or reviews, Outbound Engine is for you.