HealthPlan Services - WBE?

Nov 11, 2015

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    Does anyone use this?
    Is this a viable alternative for us....for a WBE?

    They sent me an email to set up my own "Private Healthcare Exchange"

    Of course, they want me to call for a Demo! Norvax & Quotit & others do!

    They don't want to show you a live, working website that you can "try out" & see if it will work for you.
    I've hated Norvax ever since I bought it (decades ago).
    But, I never dropped it since the alternatives were slim (back then).
    And, it would take me forever to migrate my client data-base.

    Even a used car salesman lets you take the car for a test drive!
    The last Demo I got was from ACA-express & didn't show me 1/4 of the things I had questions about.
    They told me I'd have to wait for Open Enrollment to SEE whether it would show MOOP & per-person deductibles, etc.

    I don't like "buy it & see if you'll like it".
    And, I especially don't like wasting my time setting up & learning ANOTHER new system.

    Here's the email I got from HealthPlan Services:

    Your platform for success.
    When healthcare reform happened, the old way of approaching and consulting with customers changed completely. Your prospects are now making more of their own decisions—and they’re making them online. To capture your share of the market, you need to be there, too.

    MyConsumerLinkSM, powered by HealthPlan ServicesSM, is an online platform that allows you to quickly and easily launch your own, custom-branded, private marketplace where your customers can browse, compare and purchase from a wide variety of insurance plans from A-rated carriers.

    Products include:

    Critical Illness
    Hospital Indemnity
    Long-Term Care
    TxOnline, Nov 11, 2015
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    I do not recall personally seeing an email from you though is possible since am not able to connect real names with forum user names for everyone. It takes both sides to get answers, questions and answers.... email me and I will get you the answers you want and I will post here as well.

    [email protected]

    Not like I have not put my email address out there multiple times..
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    I already found an ACA-express website to test-drive, Kenny.
    You ARE agent-friendly...and I don't want to tell folks what I don't like about your system.
    Your system is PERFECT for many agents...just not for me.

    And, there ARE ACA-express websites out there that agents can find with a google search & get a feel for the quoting system.

    A Sales Manager (something important-sounding like that) from your company showed me a Demo in 2014.
    He told me to just wait for my site to go "live" on Opening see what it had to offer....and test-drive it....because he could not answer many of my specific questions.

    Well, I already HAD another system figured out PERFECTLY long before Opening Day. I was prepared & selling ON Opening Day....not figuring out how another system would work for me.

    I appreciate your constant input on the forum!
    And, I do NOT want to discount your system in any way.
    You get an A+ Superior rating for Agent Communications!!!

    I'm just searching for something that's more comfortable for offer to MY clients for self-enrollments.

    And, others are doing the same.
    Everyone doesn't buy a Chevrolet........even when the Chevy Dealer is the BEST-EST in town!

    For what it's worth:
    I think that YOUR system is PROBABLY my BEST choice for RIGHT now!

    But, there are still Fords for me to look at....and maybe a few foreign-models, too.

    I refuse to write ON-exchange policies right now.
    I've told my self-enrollers to WAIT until mid-November (or after) to enroll.
    99% of my clients are self-enrollers....after we pick out the best plan for their needs.

    I MAY even feel MOST comfortable using the govt site...for reasons I've already expressed in the forum.

    TxOnline, Nov 11, 2015