HealthTap Emails - Did anyone Sign Up with Them?

Dec 22, 2015

  1. sam816

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    I am getting emails from these people every week:

    "We have been absolutely slammed by partners who are signing up in droves to the extent that we have only a very limited partnership slots left for the year. HealthTap Compass is a great door opener and differentiator for you right now even as you intensively sell high deductible plans to your individual and group customers"

    It sounds like some sort of e-medicine pushed by a silicon startup, I can't find the cost for it.

    Did anyone sign up?
    sam816, Dec 22, 2015
  2. mwoodbrid

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    I listed to one of their webinars, and it doesn't strike me as the kind of arrangement I'm interested in getting into at this time.

    They're basically a subscription teledoc service. And while they look to have it implemented well, the agent/broker offer they're making isn't attractive in my opinion.

    They're offering to sell us a block of memberships at a discounted rate that we can resell for a profit. Horrible model for us, great model for them.

    The webinar gave contact info for Gary at Healthtap as the person for agents to reach out to for more info. I emailed Gary and got this response from a different person:

    My name is Ed Plantaric - I work closely with Gary here at HealthTap.

    When is a good time for a brief phone conversation today?

    Attached, you will find the presentation from the Webinar. Our proposal to reserve this extreme discounted pricing model is to purchase 50 memberships at $150/ membership and sell for $200 / membership, (or more), and make at least $2,500 profit.

    Great care,
    Edward Plantaric​

    I responded with a chunk of time during which I was available, and haven't heard back from them. I planned to ask if they had anything beyond the "we sell you stuff and you try to resell it" model available.