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Mar 6, 2008

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    I wanted to say hello to everyone and talk a little bit of what we do. By the way, I love this site. There is alot of great resources and great ideas of people sharing their experiences in our industry to help others.

    As I read through alot of the threads, I notice there are those looking for support, some looking for different products and those looking for different commission grids. We are a independent distributor of life,annuities, and long term care products for agents. But what really makes us different is the professional service approach that we offer to our members. Yes, there are high payouts, discounted lead programs, quoting systems and free insurance websites but at the end of the day we here at Atlantic Financial are simply producing agents building a network of agents. We know what works as we are producing as well. We know what works and what doesn't work. Having a wide range of multiple industry knowledge of mortgages, real estate, securities with insurance we see how each overlap and how networking is a key piece in your future success.

    If anyone wants to know more please visit us on the web at Atlantic Financial :: Helping you navigate the brokerage world Thanks and I look forward to getting more useful feedback from the insurance forum.