Hello my Name is Robert

Aug 11, 2015

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    Hey thought i'd come introduce myself on this page, I've already posted some stuff in the cold call forum but never formally introduced myself.

    I've been in insurance for 3 years and have been doing med sups for 2 years as a captivate agent, am licensed to sell in 30 states and Just started on my own this month. Haven't written any business yet as I am still learning how to cold call (never had to do that before) but am looking forward to the opportunity working for myself can provide. I love getting advice and hearing from people who have done this successfully so feel free to throw any advice my way. :) I do only med sups at the time being, will eventually expand my portfolio once I can start consistently writing business and paying off my bills.
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    North Carolina
    Good luck - Congratulations on going on your own. Med Supps are a great business. Work smart AND hard for the first three years, and you can just work smart after that!