Help!!Affect of Pre-trial Diversion on Current License

Mar 24, 2016

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    I am currently licensed in Florida with reciprocal licenses in many states. For the last year I have been fighting a criminal charge (3rd degree felony) brought against me. I am not guilty and have been offered Pre-trial diversion however I am concerned about my license. It does require I plead no contest temporarily The plea will be vacated in 6 months and the charge dismissed. Does anybody know how the state licensing boards (preferably FL) handles this type of situation. I know a no-contest plea is considered a guilty plea, but will they wait for the plea to be vacated?
  2. walthamny

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    It is better to ask your lawyer these questions. If your lawyer is negotiating this deal and if Florida suspends your license for 6 months or longer, that is something your lawyer can bring up into plea negotiations.

    Criminal law and licensing rules are totally different. You can forge your grandmothers signature and easily negotiate a criminal deal if you have a clean background, however that is not going to go well with any licensing board if you are selling insurance to seniors. They all ask a question about doing something morally wrong. State's have very different names for the same crimes so I would not ask on this board. If your lawyer can't help you, you need to find a Florida specific lawyer who can help you.