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Aug 3, 2019

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    Hi, First forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong forum, I don't post here often. I just helped a friend get his life license here in Minnesota, but I'm having a little trouble pointing him in the right direction being that I'm relatively new myself. He has a mother and son that need insurance, but I'm not sure where to send him to get contracted, and which companies to use for their specific needs. The mother is 65 years old with a history of cancer. She was diagnosed in 2010 and had her last treatment in December of 2011. She's been cancer free since then. She still takes anastrozol as a preventative measure. Her health is generally poor, and also has fibromyalgia. She's looking for $35000 in coverage, and has a budget of $350 per month. When I punched in those parameters into Fexquotes, the only result I got back was graded/modified coverage from Prosperity Life. Is anyone familiar with their underwriting guidelines? The son is 46 and takes statins for cholesterol. He is looking for $100,000 in coverage and has a budget of $250 per month. UHL and Phoenix came up for the entered criteria. I'm not familiar with their underwriting guidelines either. He's in generally good health other than the cholesterol meds. I'm assuming that they'd probably rate him due to the meds. He's looking for at least 100% contracts with 9 month advances. He want to use the commission advances from writing those first two policies to bankroll his leads, being that he doesn't have two nickles to rub together at the moment. I get paid as earned, and write pretty much all of my business through Transamerica, so I haven't been able to be much help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    ejg700, Aug 3, 2019
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    Looks like mom's been in remission since 2010. Depends on what type of cancer too. Skin isn't a huge deal. Fibro isn't a huge deal either, depending on her level of function. I don't know about the other health issues, so can't advise

    Look at TransAmerica or United of Omaha.

    For the son, if he doesn't have any complications and Cholesterol is well controlled with a Med or two, he should be okay as well. I'm guessing w/ 100k he's looking for term.

    There's a lot of assuming on my part here due to limited info. Look at your TA UW guide to see if they meet the criteria.