Help Your Clients Leverage Their Assets with Hybrid LTCi Products

Jun 7, 2019

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    Traditional long-term care insurance (LTCi) isn’t the only type of insurance product that can provide your clients with protection against future LTC costs. Nowadays, there are hybrid life/LTCi and annuity/LTCi products available to clients in every state! Get details >

    Hybrid LTCi products are great for people concerned about the “use-it-or-lose-it” nature of traditional LTCi. Not only are these types of products extremely competitive, but their premiums are guaranteed.

    How can people fund hybrid LTCi products?
    • Single-pay or multi-pay premiums
    • Cash, 1035 exchange from life insurance or non-qualified annuities, or tax-qualified money
    Interested in selling hybrid products?

    When you partner with a field marketing organization like Ritter Insurance Marketing, you can get access to many different competitive products for your clients and top-notch back-office support for your business! For instance, Ritter offers agents:
    • A full portfolio of LTC solutions, including traditional, Life/LTCi, and Annuity/LTCi products
    • Hybrid LTCi carrier options in every state
    • Joint sales support, a 50/50 Referral Program, and more!
    Learn more about selling hybrid LTCi products and working with Ritter >
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.