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Oct 23, 2007

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    Wassup folks! I'm new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. I am currently a California licensed individual looking for a home. I've worked with a small life insurance broker and had a brief stint as a (gasp!) Mega rep!

    I know, I know, please don't lambast me...actually, it was from reading blogs that I was enlightened as to bs "health insurance" I was peddling through UGA. One good thing about my that experience is that it introduced me to the health insurance field. I want to make a go at it and am willing to work hard and smart, just with a product that I know will help rather than hurt families.

    Anyway, if anybody could point me in the right direction that would be great. I've talked to some cats from other states already who connected me with their GAs. It would be nice to hear from somebody local and maybe sit down in person sometime, but if you're at a distance and have some wisdom to share then please feel free.

    I'm still relatively new to the insurance industry in general since I've only been licensed for about 1 1/2 years. One thing I don't want to do though is to keep bouncing around. I'm just looking for a solid organization that provides sound products and adequate training to help me get up and running. Once again, any input is appreciated. Thanks!:spinny:
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    Guest, Oct 23, 2007