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Nov 29, 2007

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    hi everybody,

    Keith here from Singapore. I joined a "tied" company early this year, and I'm glad I found this place to learn more.

    I hope someone can help me on the following:

    1) How do you do fact finding with clients? I have a booklet with questions like income, etc to calculate shortfall, but I think it's very boring for the prospect to fill up. I cannot help but make it look like a "interogation" when I'm with them. Is there any other way I can do this better?

    2) I have had my "sense of identity" very badly 'beaten up" by Independant firms recently because they claim that being independant, they have more product choices to offer at a lower premium that is better for client, and I have lost some business to them.

    Can anyone tell me exactly what the difference is and is being able to represent only 1 company that bad? Cos in my part of the world, there seem to be increasingly number of people leaving the company and move to independant firms.

    I just want to find out and clarify my doubts because I am really shaken now and I dont want to waste time if the industry i'm in is a sunset industry...

    cupcorn, Nov 29, 2007