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    Does anyone have experience with this company? homeownersleadsdirect.com Homeowners Leads Direct - Real Time Homeowners Insurance Leads - Homeowners Insurance Leads[/url]

    Lead providers are so good at making themselves out to be the best option now days that it's hard to believe any of them. I'm just wondering if they are used leads that haven't been sold the max number of times, etc...

    Most of the leads are purchased as exclusive, which I have a hard time believing.

    Anyway, if anyone has used them I would love to hear some feedback!
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    Never heard of them but their parent company, ileads.com, has been around a while.

    As long as they don't have a non-refundable deposit in their contract, I'd give them a try. Please use your credit card...no checks or paypal accounts as your c.card company is your friend if there are any problems.

    I don't expect you to have any problems as iLeads has been a good company for quite a while now.

    Best of luck.

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    hate to say this Bob, but i had a terrible experience with your lead company.
    i was buying leads from netquote for about 8 years straight. i noticed over the years the leads because more and more bogus and recycled.
    so i started reaching out to other companies and found you guys.
    i was attracted to the fact you had a rep living in castle rock or Parker Colorado (i forgot which) but the rep assured me he would be there if i needed any help.
    i noticed a pattern with your leads. every single lead i got for home insurance had strange amounts listed for the dwelling that didn't make any sence. for example they would be requesting 8,000 dwelling coverage for a 250,000 house, and the personal contents no where near 75% of the coverage A amount.
    further i subscribe to a service through a vendor similar to choice point that allows me to look up names, phone numbers and addresses that will return the details of associated with the phone numbers listed even if non published. i use the service to verify the validity of the leads and had been doing this for the past 8 years so i always know which leads are bogus and which aren't.

    i tried your service for 60 days and found that every single lead had these strange amounts and while the information for each lead was on average about 80% accurate in the name matched the address i also got 80% who after multiple attempts to reach them verified that they had never been online to request a quote.
    it was then i realized your company either makes up fictitious leads through a data list of homeowners or buys leads from a source who does.

    i have totally abandoned internet lead marketing for the past 2 years since which actually forced me to look to another lead source alltogether that has been working so much better than internet leads and for so little cost my only regret is having thrown away so many dollars for so many years to companies like yours that get rich selling people garbage.

    i will say your customer service rep was awesome at trying to get to the bottom of the problem before i left she knew my by name.
    she agreed to eliminate the sources for leads proven to be bad just for me. and over the last 3 weeks i was enrolled the lead volume definitely declined but the quality remained the same.
    eventually i wasn't getting anymore leads..
    then we tried a new approach we tried to use your service that is a live lead transfer!
    who boy was i excited!
    after 3 weeks i still had not received a single call.. gee i wonder if it had anything to do with the fact your outbound calling reps were calling the same crappy leads i was sold having no luck with the transfers either!
    i finally threw in the towel and ended up spending about 350 dollars in total that your company refused to refund me for leads i could no longer be credited for.
    i looked up your name on your website and found it impossible to find anyway to contact you directly about this issue. now i see here you are active on the insurance forum!
    and i finally get a chance to vent my frustrations though i am sure they fall on deaf ears..
    best of luck to you! my hope is sooner or later the agents of the world will finally come to the conclusion all the lead companies who used to be a great resource to us have all dried up and gone to hell.
    it's a catch .22 you find yourself in.. rather than provide the quality of product these companies promised to deliver, they ran out of consumers looking to get quotes online, so they turned to just making the information up or getting it from someone who already has so they have something to sell. leaving the people who actually make your business model possible and stab them in the back.
    now it seems there is always a new agent to this business desperate to make it who has a credit card with just enough room to spend some money for a few months until they catch on to the secret. and then there the older agents like me who unlike me hire staff to call the leads and give the quotes without paying any attention to how much they are spending and how few they are closing.
    eventually either gets wise and moves on only to be replaced by the next sucker agent who is more desperate than the last..
    I think netquotes was sold something like 4-5 times until bankrate bought them.. i couldn't tell you or care less who owns the company now but i am glad i found another avenue to build my agency with.
    i do feel fortunate that i was able to ride the gravy train for as long as i did! i was closing 50% of the leads i bought each month and writing about 100 units a month in the beginning.
    now i bet the ratio of good to bad leads is on the order of about 2-3% and at 16 bucks a pop my money is better spent elsewhere..
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    Wow you nailed that message copilot about not only home town quotes but all the other garbage Internet lead companies out there. I too had a bad experience with HQ. Also don't ever use Signature marketing for commercial leads you have a better chance making direct calls to schedule appointments Hopefully agents will catch on so these lead co's dry up and die Would you mind sharing how you are getting sales through your new source.m, please?
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