Housemate with Horsemates

Jul 7, 2015

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    My husband and I own a home with acreage in northern Colorado. We keep two of our own horses on the property. We have a homeowners policy and liability insurance through SF. They indicate that we can have a total of 6 horses.

    A friend has moved in with us and she has brought her two horses. She pays her own renters insurance. She pays 1/3rd of the utilities. She buys her own hay and feed for the horses.

    We don't charge our friend any "rent" or "board for the horses". We take turns cleaning the barn and moving the horses from their stalls to the pasture and back.

    Do I have a problem because I don't own all of the horses on the property? Is there an issue because I have another adult living with us? What red flags do you see, and what are the remedies?

  2. LGilmore

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    I think you should talk directly to the agent who set up your policy. Or better yet, pull out your policy and go through it. The only person who could tell you anything about your policy has to be from State Farm.

    If you're worried about the answer, read your policy first. See if you can find it there. Your policy is your outline of coverage. Best of luck to you on this. If you find clauses you don't understand, come back with them and quote them here for explanations.