How to get into businesses for voluntary benefits

Dec 4, 2018

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    I currently sell life insurance to first responder agencies. There are a ton of groups out there that have a tough time getting into departments like I do but I'm very successful doing so.

    I want to transfer my "system" to business and offer voluntary term life to them the same way I do for police and fire at their shift turns in department.

    I know AFLAC and Colonial set up group plans with businesses but I want to be able to come in and do a quik 6-7 minute group overview then see them in a separate room thereafter.

    My question is this: does anyone have a good approach on how to find business owners besides cold calling and just walking in? Chiefs and Sheriffs are easy to call and find because it's all public information and I can set those meetings easy.

    My second question is does anyone know a carrier or company that offers a no cost benefit to provide to all employees? I currently am able to give a one year non-renewable life benefit for first responders and it's my "main reason" for being there to see their employees.

    I'm looking to start my own group life agency and transfer all that I know into this market but those are the only two issues that are currently holding me back.
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    Colonial, AFLAC, ASSURITY, all have some free benefits. College fund, accidental, telemedicine, identity theft, legal aid, etc. Depends on the company, your contract, and your territory manager. These freebie products help you talk to the employees.

    Cold walking works best for us along with referrals.
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    Yes, some offer "free" benefits, but know that may of these are "free" for first year only and require minimum 1-1 meetings.
    sswords, Apr 14, 2019