I am cold calling and would like some tips?

Nov 13, 2008

  1. mdudayev

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    I have purchase a predictive dialer and it is me and a telemarketer but I have a problem. If I am selling individual health insurance what data type and company should I buy and also what is the best script to use. I am hoping to get answers from people who have experience.
    mdudayev, Nov 13, 2008
  2. Delta76

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    Data: businesses with 1 to 4 employees, make sure you have the owner or president's contact name. Try DataDepot.biz if you need a source to start with. I would avoid retail type businesses in general where the owner usually is absentee.

    Script: do a search, there is a lot of info on this forum. I personally do what you're doing and have posted on here a number of times.
    Delta76, Nov 13, 2008
  3. Ramond B

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    You want to target business data 1-8 employees. I ran a count for you out of our database for all new business that started up in the last 6 months nationwide. This is the same type of databases i sue and I am a lead company. Anyone has access to buy these lists and work them as well.

    AK 2677
    AL 5280
    AR 2375
    AZ 5917
    CA 43378
    CO 4621
    CT 3107
    DC 759
    DE 810
    FL 35337
    GA 18627
    HI 836
    IA 2245
    ID 1474
    IL 12161
    IN 4737
    KS 2021
    KY 3573
    LA 5658
    MA 5734
    MD 5289
    ME 1171
    MI 8725
    MN 3648
    MO 5389
    MS 3292
    MT 951
    NC 10114
    ND 607
    NE 1170
    NH 1043
    NJ 9394
    NM 2835
    NV 3412
    NY 16092
    OH 7890
    OK 3075
    OR 3130
    PA 8687
    RI 764
    SC 4035
    SD 487
    TN 5197
    TX 18246
    UT 1946
    VA 5686
    VT 356
    WA 3725
    WI 2857
    WV 698
    WY 331
    TOTAL 301,569

    If you want to find out how many are in your desired area we can run counts on smaller areas....county, city, area code, or even radius of your office is something we can help you target by.

    Any time you buy a business list form us you do get our script as well.

    Ramond B, Nov 17, 2008