I Heart Lincoln Heritage Even More after this..

Discussion in 'Life Insurance Forum' started by peopleperson, May 28, 2011.

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    Got a call from a client (HOH) recently. I had put one of their family members (2 years ago) with LH because I couldn't find a GI that went down as young as needed elsewhere. Of course LH stiffed me on half the comm.

    The client tells me the premium has since gone up.. I got LH on the phone and they told us the insured (disabled and not in good health) agreed to a fraud alert, 30 day free trial that would later go to 8 bucks a month added to the premium.

    I had already thought this company was a low as they come. But they've exceeded my expectations.. :no:

    Of course we cancelled that and told them not to contact in the future. I would venture to guess they even slammed this person into the add on.
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    Please clarify the title of your thread: "I Heart Lincoln...":goofy:
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    Something doesn't sound right here. If he was disabled and not in good health, LH could choose not to insure him or give him a modified rate. Sounds to me like he was given a standard rate and the company later caught it........you wanted a commission, but apparently knew the answers on the app were incorrect. Be honest up front, if the client feels like a modified rate is too much, just ask him if he is opposed to being cremated. If not, sell him 2-3 thousand worth. More and more people today are choosing cremation. Give the prospect several choices and let him pick one.
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    :D I ran into that same situation sometime around December last year. Although, it was a new prospect for me. She had a LHLIC policy, so I was already excited because I knew switching her would likely be in her best interest, and then when we called LHLIC to see exactly what she had, we found out about the fraud alert.

    She wasn't happy, she remembered them calling, but she didn't fully understand exactly what she was getting, but the call was coming from her life insurance company - must be a good thing :no:

    Needless to say, she is now a happy RNA policyholder.

    LHLIC told me, "We sell them this protection after they are a policy holder to benefit our agent lead program."

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