If You're Still Paying For Continuing Education Then This Is For You

Discussion in 'Insurance Offers' started by Charley Parker, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Continuing education is one of those banes of the insurance agent. Largely pointless, this “education” rarely teaches an agent about their craft, especially the experienced agent.

    Worse than that it also costs $40, $50, $60 or more and takes up even more valuable time.

    That's why I decided to find a way to take care of the expense for agents that respond to this post in the next 30 days.

    Since insurance agents, especially independent agents, have a lot of those small expenses that can add up, I decided to combine those expenses to save you money and time.

    Right now for the next 30 days agents can get 24 hours of free continuing education when ordering 500 of my thick, full colored, and glossy business cards WITH shipping for $40.

    Normally these cards cost way more than $40 dollars. It's not uncommon for these cards to sell for $80 online. $40 is even cheaper than what the big companies are charging and you don't even have to go through the 20 minute ordering process (or enter your credit card number) to just find out the price.

    A quick look around the internet will show CE costing anywhere between $40 and $80 dollars. Since independent agents are already buying their own printing and they have to take continuing education it's like getting it for nothing.

    I dare you to find another deal better for insurance agents (strings or no strings attached).

    Even better that's a lower than the price of most CE courses alone!

    The best part may just be the CE course though. It's all one course at 24 hours and will work for the life, health, and P&C agent.

    It's super simple, engaging, and fast.

    If you search for continuing education on Google you'll see them on the first page.

    (I'm not supposed to be advertising their name in public since I worked out such a great deal for you. If this post showed up in the search engines then no one would ever pay full price)

    So go here to buy your certificate and get a 24 hour continuing education class for free.

    This deal is going away in the next 30 days – after that the price is going up and staying up.

    So if you want the best deal for insurance agents on the internet; 500 full colored back and front, glossy or matte business cards that are 16PT (that means they aren't the cheap flimsy cards) then you need to act now.

    The CE voucher can be used at your convenience when needed but get this deal now by clicking here.
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