Immediate Final Expense Quotes Based On Medical Conditions!

Apr 26, 2018

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    If you're in Final Expense... you now have the power to get quotes from multiple carriers based on your client's medical conditions instantly!

    With's FEX Management System, you are equipped with a built-in FEX Questionnaire that immediately gives you accurate quotes based on your client's medical conditions.

    Their quoting system also checks against height and weight charts, state availability and instantly displays the coverage plans from multiple carriers according to their rates.

    To understand just how powerful it really is, this is one quoting system that you need to see for yourself. Watch the video showing it in action...

    In fact... with's FEX Management System, you are provided with a complete system that includes everything you need to manage your final expense business.
    • Your Own Professional Website
    • A Professional Landing Page
    • Their Revenue Calculator
    • A CRM Built For Life Insurance
    • Their Built-In FEX Questionnaire
    • Plus... A TRUE Quoting System
    When we asked Dan Miller (the founder of what inspired him to create the system, this was his reply...

    “The one thing you need to realize is that this system was designed by agents who actually work the phones, go out into the field and deal with actual clients on a daily basis.

    Although the tools we needed to run our business efficiently were available, they seemed to be scattered all over the place and not as accurate as we wanted them to be. So we created a system that included everything and more, and it’s all right at the agent's fingertips.

    With agents now have the power to namebrand themselves online, calculate annual revenue goals, quickly add and manage clients in a CRM that was designed for life insurance, gather a client's medical conditions and get an accurate quote instantly on where to place that client.

    You know... we often get asked if is an IMO, insurance company or agency. The answer is no... we are not. We are a direct agent network that was designed for agents... by actual agents that are in the final expense industry.”

    The bottom line is this... provides one powerful system that allows agents in the final expense industry to run their business efficiently, quickly and get accurate quotes based on their client's medical conditions. Plus... a bunch of other perks as well.

    View Their Entire Presentation
Thread Status:
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