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Jul 26, 2008

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    If the system was like this, life would be win win win win....

    All in it together. The carrier, the lead company and the agent.

    I thought how great it would be if the lead companies charged the prospect $20 to get a quote (gets rid of the shoppers).

    Meanwhile, the carriers impose a system where prospects can't buy direct from them or get quotes by calling the carrier (reduces carrier marketing cost and keeps the agent in the loop). In order to check the going rates, the prospect would have to pay a lead company a fee to access actual quotes. Once the fee is paid, the prospect has full access to quotes and plan designs and the agent (who subscribes to the lead company) gets the prospect info, calls the prospect and starts the sales process. The prospect has no choice but to pay for quotes because the rates are different for each specific case.

    The effect...No stolen sales by the carrier when the prospect goes direct and the lead company makes money upfront and we get a serious buyer. No agent credits are necessary as the agent pays a monthly fee to the lead company (whatever the price may be).

    One final thought...The carrier can reimburse the prospect for the quote fee if they get accepted for coverage and the prospect takes the final offer. Win Win Win. :cool:
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