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Sep 17, 2008

  1. Veronica

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    I just got re-licensed to sell life insurance. I've had my license since April 08. I haven't found a company that sounds really good to work with, except Forethought Life. I am awaiting for the outcome on getting appointed to sell for them. I called the recruiter he said maybe before the end of the week I will be issued an agent number to sell.

    This time I am around in the business... I am wanting to work the business strictly as an independent agent. My goal is to get licensed to sell health insurance as well. But right now I have to work with what I have already. So if anyone on here knows of any great companies I could contact to sell life insurance for please give a me call at 731-439-6432 with the info or email me at vsain731 at, or a private post here.

    Also as a new agent, any advice from you experienced ones is greatly appreciated.
    Veronica, Sep 17, 2008
  2. myinsurebiz

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    ForeThought is a good Whole Life carrier.

    Get with a Term carrier too - like Fidelity, HSBC - or any that do TeleSales apps or Internet apps.

    What State are you in? Any non-res licenses?

    Stay focused on one product at first and get real good at it.

    Buy cheap $3 leads from NetQuote or QuotesAuction - just work them as soon as you get them. When you start closing 1 out of 10 - move up to a better quality lead.

    Be organized and constantly stay in touch with your prospects. Develop a system to help you communicate - like an auto-responder, website,, toll-free communications like

    You gotta "pay to play" - but it doesn't have to be expensive.

    Good Luck!