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Apr 9, 2018

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    With so many choices when it comes to marketing, we invite you to check out how we are a little bit different. At Avenge Digital, we specialize in marketing initiatives which drives proactive inbound calls. Our agent program has been developed with your success in mind. Whether you are a new agent starting out, or an established office looking to bring your sales team to the next level, we work with agencies big and small by doing the marketing for you!

    We bring you new clients through inbound calls from consumers actively looking for insurance. We don’t use incentivized traffic and hold our publishers to a higher standard to save you both time and money. We strive to be a leader in the industry and provide insightful marketing content on our blog and other resources for our clients.

    We offer inbound traffic for insurance verticals including Auto, Home, and Medicare Supplement.

    The video below will provide some more insights of how we work to bring your marketing to the next level.

    Some of the unique benefits Avenge Digital offers to its clients are:
    • Longest disqualification window in the industry for calls that do not match filters
    • Multiple ways to pause your account whether it’s for an hour, or a couple days
    • The ability to track your success and quote rate
    • Custom schedules, day caps, and control of call volume and flow
    • The ability to fund your account as needed
    We offer complimentary consultations for agents interested in supercharging their marketing. If you are interested in learning more click here to schedule your consultation with one of our marketing experts or calling us directly at 855-749-1267.
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