Income Engineering - Financial Education for the Insurance Agent

Aug 2, 2016

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    Hi friends!

    We are starting our new cycle for agents that are interested in getting financial planning. This program is usually designed for just our contracted agents but we've decided to open it up to everyone so we can get some objective opinions. Hope you can make it out

    Income Engineering was created to make the complicated simpler, the abstract, foreseeable and the unobtainable obtainable.

    The very nature of the insurance industry is to replace the uncertainty of the future with absolute certainty. It is a unique program that allows individuals to develop an understanding of proven financial strategies, tax laws and unique products that can create income for a successful, quality life, and for future generations.

    The initial step of Income Engineering is the creation of wealth by addressing labor power. In this stage, one should map out career goals to maximize opportunities for financial success.

    The second stage is an income allocation plan, creating a blueprint of current expenditures and establishing an emergency fund that is available in case of any unexpected events that could require short term funds.

    The third stage addresses the protection needs of an individual or family. This stage involves the calculation of current and future income needs that would be negatively impacted with the early departure of an income provider. The fourth stage of Income Engineering involves the employment of discretionary dollars in the income allocation plan. This stage examines the tax implications of the choices provided by the individual. The fifth stage of the process explores the future retirement income needs by designing a plan to provide a sound and safe strategy for long term goals.

    The sixth stage of the Income Engineering examines the legacy objectives of the individual or family to create wealth for future generations and fund special interests and missions upon the demise of the plan participant.

    The seventh and final stage arranges for the client to become an advocate of the process by expanding their “sphere of influence.” This specialized service ensures financial success. The byproduct is that this element of the process creates a positive peer pressure for clients to continue their quest for the goals they have set for themselves, while serving as an aid for others.

    I hope that some of you can make it out and provide some feedback. The program is intended for anyone that is interested, clients/agents/marketers/ people just interested in finance. The registration link is below!

    GalvIns, Aug 2, 2016