Independent Agent Cluster Confusion

Apr 17, 2017

  1. Warrior

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    I need to know what are the best to use for an Independent Agency.

    1. Aggregator
    **Which one
    2. Cluster
    **Which one
    3. Get Company Appointments by myself

    What is BIG I?
    What is PIA?

    I know about SIAA and MIAA and Smart Choice Agents.
    I don't want any of these. What else is out there?
    Warrior, Apr 17, 2017
  2. Insurance Dog

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    if you dont know any of this info, you arent ready to go IA
  3. Dreamiekid

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    Why go with a cluster or Aggregator?

    Go for non standard company and try to get appointed with them. IT CAN BE DONE!

    I notice on this forum that every person is telling everyone to get with a cluster or MGA.
  4. texasnative

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    An aggregator / MGA / etc all do the same basic thing - let you as a small agent write insurance for the big named carriers.

    - Each one has particular contracts...some have super long terms 5, 10 & 15 years...some have big monthly fees...some have non-competes...they all are imperfect. Some are geared for P&C newbies (Smart Choice / Superior Access), some are geared for only the experienced agents (SIAA), and there are plenty of others "in between" that may or may not require experience or an existing book
    - Just search the forums & do some Googling, you'll find a list of the same ones - but a bigger / wider list.
    - Note some folks on these forums will complain about one, and then the other, etc - but don't let that turn you off from any particular one. >>> Just do your own research, REVIEW the contracts for each MGA, and pick what best suits your business model <<<
    - And most importantly, find someone or several people who is/are happy with a MGA/etc that you are thinking of using ... not one referred to you by the market rep / sales guy at the MGA, but one or several you ***find on your own***, and confirm they are happy with it.
    - The only one aggregator/cluster/MGA I really didn't consider was Superior Access ... as they have lots of complaints online & for the life of me I could not find one agent who said "hot damn I love Superior Access". I tried & tried, as they are so easy to signup with, have easy online quoting integration on your website & have zero contract commitments. They may be great, but I couldn't find anyone to confirm it.

    In my case - the ideal scenario was to get an MGA for the preferred auto, home, life carriers - and to go direct with the non-standard markets [Tapco, Burns & Wilcox, etc] and smaller insurers that will give me direct appointments