Inquiring About Appointment Setting & Cold Calling..

Jan 24, 2016

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    Hello, I am asking if anyone is currently in need of an experienced and dependable telemarketer to call on their insurance leads. I am experience in working w/most lines related to consumers & homeowners(medicare, FE, mortgage protection, health and life to name a few) I am home based and very affordable.

    Available to partner w/a professional agent to work w/your new leads or to do misc. phone work/follow up for you on your aged leads, past clients, to set policy reviews, do confirmation calls etc, etc. on a part time basis (about 12-15 hrs per week)

    Perfect for an agent who may be semi retired or, someone wanting to run calls just a few days each week or around another job, New agents on a budget wanting to give presetting a try on a limited basis etc, etc

    Any calling, misc projects & phone work I can take off your plate and easily do part time thru the week and on the weekends for you at an affordable rate. Please PM me or, you may reach me at: mtgline at

    Thank you for your time
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  2. RTR16

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    I viewed your input about telemarketing on the Insurance Forum from yesterday. We are an insurance company trying to get our feet off the ground and could use a little help. Please let me know what your rates are.

    very interested,

    RTR16, Jan 27, 2016