Insurer Launches Memorial Crowdfunding Site

Discussion in 'Life Insurance Forum' started by Brian Anderson, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Legal & General has taken the interesting step of launching a crowdfunding site dedicated exclusively to memorial funds – a la GoFundMe, but just for generating these types of funds. Their prime selling point vs. a site like GoFundMe is that Legal & General doesn’t take any of the money raised on their site while GoFundMe takes 5% of all funds raised.

    It’s called, and you can read more about it at the link below.

    I imagine that in addition to providing a nice service, they may be thinking providing it for people presumably without life insurance may help generate awareness of the need – and that awareness plus the connection to Legal & General may lead to some sales.

    Insurance Forums | New crowdfunding site exclusive to memorial funds launched by Legal & General

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