Involved in a minor fender bender and have a question

Apr 15, 2019

  1. creek

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    Hi guys! So I was involved in a minor fender bender last night. I hit another car on the freeway as I didn't have enough time to stop. They had zero damage while my car is the one that will need repairs. I was so nervous that I totally forgot to take pictures of their bumper. I gave them my insurance but didn't take theirs as I figured its my fault. They also asked me to video record me saying I did hit them from the back, they said just in case. I however have no proof, no photos of anything. I been in contact with them since and they said they will be taking a car for evaluation and hopefully the minor damage is cosmetic only. FYI they drive an old minivan while I have an expensive car. Do you think I am royally screwed? Can they take me to court or report to my insurance? We did speak to them on the phone after and they said they would not pursue anything as long as theres no damage to the car but of course i have no proof of that. No police were called and no police report was filed. I am now super worried that they could take advantage of this situation and I have no way of protecting myself. Any advice would be amazing, thank you
    creek, Apr 15, 2019
  2. fed up

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    Call your carrier and report the claim. Your carrier is your protection against any damage claimed by another party, especially since you gave them a recording saying you are at fault. It could be, what has troubled the DC area for the last few years, a situation where they have been looking for someone to defraud and you came in behind them.
    fed up, Apr 15, 2019