Is Your Broker Enrollment Platform CMS Compliant?

Discussion in 'Health Insurance and Ancillary Benefits' started by Charley Parker, Jul 12, 2016.

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    What’s the one thing every agent needs their enrollment platform to do? Connect seamlessly to

    Whether a consumer is applying for coverage on their own or using an agent like yourself, CMS requires what’s called a “double redirect.” Last year, we saw multiple web broker entities get penalized for not following this mandated procedure.

    Simply put, if you’re using an online platform provider that’s not CMS compliant, every enrollment you make using that platform is at risk.

    eBroker Software, powered by the good folks at Ritter Insurance Marketing, is a web broker entity that quotes, enrolls, and securely stores your client information in one neat package. Plus, with eBroker Software, compliance comes first, so you can guarantee your enrollments pass CMS regulations.

    They never charge per application fee like other services, and the software is free outside of Open Enrollment! Take a look at all eBroker Software has to offer!
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