Just 1 in 3 Medicare Advantage members familiar with CMS’ Star Ratings for plans

May 21, 2019

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    When I did educational seminars for the local hospital I positioned the star ratings as one factor to look at when choosing a plan but it should be one of the lesser important factors. People really appreciate this info because some of them were making it the #1 factor when choosing a plan and chose the wrong plans because of it.

    The #1 factor (my opinion of course) is the drug formulary. If you are taking expensive medications compare the cost of your meds with all of the plans you are considering. There can be thousands of dollars difference between the plans. A four star rating does not trump a two or three star if the formulary doesn’t work for you.

    The #2 factor- Doctor network. Are the doctors you want to see in network? Don’t fall for the PPO means you can see any doctor BS. Not in the real world. And the co-pays would be much higher even if you could.

    #3 cost- how much are the premiums, co-pays and deductibles? How do they compare?

    Only after comparing those important and personal to you differences of the Advantage plans should the star ratings be considered. It’s one piece of the puzzle. But not as important to your happiness with any particular plan as the other things.
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    Newby, May 21, 2019
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    I think people are concerned when its very low rating or may be impressed if 5 star, Mostly everything in between is a nonfactor even the low and high rating are not always a factor

    They care more if doc takes it If mary down the block said they are terrible , drug copays, dental and sometimes gym
    vic120, May 21, 2019