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Apr 13, 2019

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    I've always wondered what is the top producers systems & process of from when a lead is generated to finalizing in deciding its worth throwing it away & moving on.

    a lead is called upon immediately & what is said? how is it marketed? run a needs analysis?

    Do IMO/FMO get involved in training you for systems & processes of converting leads into sales.
  2. Newby

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    Definitely your IMO should have a turn key system that turns leads into sales. At our agency (FexContracting.com) for instance 99% of our most successful agents get direct mail leads weekly. They are trained to call and set appointments from them. They run the appointments face to face. They have an in home process to follow. Generally 25 leads will result in $4,000+ in premium written.

    Other agencies have their version. Many now days have their processes set up for phone sales. Others do door knocking instead of appointments.

    But if you are with an IMO that has no process that is pretty turn key to turn your leads into sales you are not getting any return off the over ride your Upline is making off you. We (the IMOs) are paid to get insurance sold. The good ones take that to mean create an environment where agents can learn a repeatable process that works. The bad ones think that means recruit anyone and everyone and maybe someone will actually figure out how to sell a policy.

    We encourage our new recruits to communicate weekly with our successful experienced agents. So they can see that most of our top agents do basically the same thing. I find that agencies that specialize are the best at that. However they are not right for everyone.

    An agent that wants to do mainly phone sales for instance is not going to gain much value from us. I try to steer those agents to Jeff Root (DigitalBGA) who has the most successful model for that.

    Find the agency that fits what you want to do. And then become a sponge and follow the model that works for their top agents. If they don’t have a model or aren’t creating an environment where you communicate with their other agents, you are not in a great place.
    Newby, Apr 13, 2019