Leaves…Apples…Turkeys…and Long-Term Care???

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    November is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month

    When most people hear “November”, they think of things like the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the bright taste of a freshly-picked apple, and the warmth felt as family and friends gather around the Thanksgiving table.

    These seasonal pleasures also make November the perfect time for Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month. As more people are living longer, more people are focusing on planning for the future.

    You can help educate consumers about Long-Term Care Insurance by becoming well-versed in understanding their needs and being able to provide the right solutions to meet those needs.

    AHIP offers a series of easily-accessible online courses to help you fully understand the ins and outs of Long-Term Care insurance:
    • The Need – How do increased longevity and changing family responsibilities call for new approaches to meeting long-term care needs?
    • Financing Options – Why might long-term care insurance offer your clients a better option on both personal and financial terms?
    • Policy Design – How can different policy designs match your clients’ objectives and budget?
    • Operations – What are the ways that regulations can impact design, sales, underwriting, claims, and administration?
    Designed to meet your educational needs, learn more about AHIP’s training in Long-Term Care Insurance for Agents & Brokers and get enrolled today. Course options include:

    Earn Your LTCP Designation

    AHIP’s Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP) designation has become a standard of excellence in Long-Term Care insurance. Designees are recognized throughout the industry for their knowledge and understanding of needs and solutions and their familiarity with current issues and trends. You can achieve it by successfully completing Long-Term Care Parts I through IV or by completing the convenient LTCP Combined Course.
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