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Jan 17, 2007

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    John said

    I would like VERY much to improve my life cross-sells with existing health clients but I can't seem to find a way to build any sense of urgency. The main problem is they usually either have cheap crappy 10 year term or cheap perm with a very low DB and any way I slice it I'm raising their payment. Probably - hence the lack of interest.

    If you can get the annual statement and/or policy, I'll try to help you on this one. Depending on the carrier, the policy might be necessary to do a quick analysis.

    The minimum I'm looking for here is -

    1. The obvious health questions, but also family history as in whether parents are both alive. If not, was passing due to coronary or cancer-related stuff and at what age. Also, DMV record, dangerous hobbies & foreign travel.

    2. DOB, Build, smok. or NS
    3. Currently monthly premium
    4. What age DB guarantee goes to ? (If he cannot answer specifically, he may have a garbage UL, and you can be his hero by giving him a better UL, higher DB, or making a case for term with Return of Premium and still raise his DB.

    Try & be a little patient here, and I assure you willl learn something from this exercise with no money out of your pocket.

    Just ask the questions for now, and tell him/her that you have a business associate who does all of your life insurance analysis work for existing clients for FREE.

    I'm an independent like you, so I have access to a lot of carriers.