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Aug 7, 2008

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    I just passed the Life and Health Insurance test last week for California. They say it may take 3 weeks or so before I get my license in order to complete the background checks and processing the fingerprints. Can anyone offer good sound advice as for steps that I can be taking now until I actually have my license. I want to hit the ground running, and I'm already getting tired of the waiting game. I know I have around 3 weeks, and just want to do all I can until then. Thank you for any positive input you may have.

    betbig, Aug 7, 2008
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    Unless the CA DOI is running way behind it should only take a week until you get your license number. That's all you need. Keep checking the state website to see if/when your name pops up. I think they update it twice a day, but not sure. Paper license will come a few days later. (I just did my renewal and it was quick... but I suppose an initial license takes longer.)

    Here are some things to do... in no particular order... and multi-tasked:

    Once you get your number and there is an entry on the state website, take the LTC and the Annuity courses. You never know when/if you will need them. I use WebCE.com but pick your poison. You might take the ethics thing too.

    You need to decide what market you want to be in... or to start out in... health, life, senior, DI, LTC, worksite, annuity, etc.

    Get your E&O insurance when your paper license comes. (I suggest you scan your paper license into a PDF, as well as your E&O certificate as all your carriers will want a copy with your appointment papers. I always fill out the appointment papers, scan them into a PDF and email or fax that (via Internet Fax - Fax to Email by MaxEmail.com) to the carriers along with the license and E&O PDFs.)

    Get on the net and read everything you can about the particular sector you are interested in.

    Think about if you might want to go captive in the life area. If so, contact the usual suspects... MassMu, MoO, NYL, etc.

    Work on a marketing plan. How are you going to find prospects?

    Work on both a phone script and an in-person presentation.

    Join John P.s IHIAA organization.

    Spend 3 days doing nothing but reading this board's topics that interest you.

    Think about a flier you might use, as well as biz cards.

    Get a website going.

    Don't get involved in discussions here until you've done all or at least most of the above!

    The Jackass
    Guest, Aug 7, 2008
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    Best advice is to get a marketing plan. A website is a powerful tool but takes time to optimize.

    Also, try to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the various carriers underwriting guidelines. Once you start obtaining leads this will help you determine which leads are worth your time.
    Guest, Aug 7, 2008
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    join the ihiaa. talk to john he will lead you in the right direction