Looking for Carriers in State of Florida for a New Agent

Oct 26, 2008

  1. MrExcitement

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    I am currently looking for carriers in the State of Florida who carry good policies for middle class individuals. I personally have never sold health insurance policies and I would like to become appointed by a few reliable carriers who sell affordable policies for a decent commission.

    I have experience selling supplemental policies over the phone and have done pretty well for myself, however I was working for a dollar per hour wage and missed out on tons of commission. To add to that I never had to physicaly write the policies themselves. I would like to know if the classes the carriers give you are enough to train you on how to sell and write the policies. Or would I need to work for someone to gather the training on how to write the policies. I am contemplating selling the policies from home while I keep my day job until I can gather enough buisness on the books. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.