Loss Control Surveyor Jobs

Oct 8, 2007

  1. jakcomp

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    Can anyone tell me what requirements should be needed for a job in Loss Control and also, are there many openings or a tremendous need in that area. I currently have my LAH license and have never used it, but have decided that I do not want to sell, but somehow remain in the industry. I would really prefer a flexible position as far as making my own hours, etc., without quotas, working as much or as little as my situation allows. Perhaps to remain independent in a sense. Or can anyone suggest other jobs within the industry that I could qualify for since I am currently licensed - or perhaps get additional licensing. It is necessary that I can remain flexible in my schedule as I take care of my ailing father and would require a position whereas I am not "locked into" having to report daily to an office. Working at home would be the ideal. Thanks for your time.
    jakcomp, Oct 8, 2007
  2. MIBizInsurance

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    Well you can start here - Insurance Loss Control Association - ILCA

    As far as working from home, not sure of many options.

    The loss control person I deal with is a road warrior.

    Good luck thoe in your search.