LTCi script and/or video presentation?

Mar 11, 2008

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    I'm in the process of finding a company to hire on with. Can anyone recommend any good, effective video presentations and/or scripts for making LTCi presentations? I've been told that some of these companies pay well and have good company provided leads, but try to force-feed multiple pages of canned scripts to their new agents to get them out in the field faster before they have full knowledge of the product and that as a result it is very difficult for the new agents to have an effective presentation that is natural and flowing. In case I run into this situation, I would like to be armed with something that I can tailor to my own personal style that will cover all of the important points, but will allow me to focus on the prospect's needs, the product being sold, and not have to be thinking the entire time of whether I'm saying the right words verbatim from the company provided muiltiple page script. I appreciate any help anyone can provide as I am just getting started in this business. Thanks.

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    Johnny, I'm assuming you are not in the insurance business at this time. With that, I recommend you contact the top carriers/agencies in your area for an interview. You WILL need training!!!

    Get in touch with, Genworth, John Hancock, Met Life. If you're green, you should likely go the Career Agent way for the best training and help along the way.

    John Hancock has the best training I've seen yet. I'd also talk to Met Life and Genworth. Mass Mutual is a great training ground, too. The real key is to have an agency in your own home town or VERY close by, especially early on in your career. It can be very lonely out there without personal support, face to face.

    As far as presentations/scripts...first by a little book for less than $10 called, How to Sell (LTCi) to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, by Curt Vahl. Short, sweet, to the point and VERY POWERFUL. Curt is the real fluff. He's trained thousands of agents over many years.

    If you need more, go to Phyllis Shelton's website. Ton's of stuff to help you. Harry Crosby has a great little paperback called, (LTC) The Complete Guide.

    Give it a whirl, my man. You can!!!
    LTCiPro, Mar 12, 2008
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    If you're in CA, AND you're authorized to sell CA Partnership plans (completed the CE courses), then you can use this site and order DVD videos:

    California Partnership for Long-Term Care

    In the link below, click "Picturing Every Step video". You can order it on DVD for $6 once you've completed your CE requirements.

    CPLTC Agent Marketing Materials

    What I like about it, is that it is produced by the State of California's Department of Health services --- NOT an insurance company with an obvious built-in bias.
    DHK, Mar 21, 2008
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    The CPLTC website is wonderful! The video is great. Good find, thanks for the share!