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Jan 10, 2007

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    Hi, I'm new here but wanted to ask some questions. This is an extract of a news release from CMS

    "CMS Acting Administrator Leslie V. Norwalk announced the elimination of the 2007 late enrollment penalty for any beneficiary eligible for the low income subsidy for a Medicare Part D plan even if they failed to sign up by the program's initial deadline.

    Those who qualify for the low-income subsidy can join a prescription drug plan anytime throughout 2007. "

    here's the link

    Does anyone have any insights on SNPs. both for dual eligibles and for the chronically ill, I understand there is no lock-in period for these beneficiaries going into a MA/PD.

    g1bass, Jan 10, 2007
  2. Guest

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    What kind of "insight" are you looking for?

    Dual eligibles can get into and out of any plan they want to any time of the year.
    Guest, Jan 11, 2007
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    That and if they apply and qualify for low-income assistance, they can make a election to change their benefits.
  4. g1bass

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    This is mostly a question about Evercare, because that is all that is available in my county right now. It has three different SNPs, one for dual eligibles, one for institutionalized and one for chronic illness.

    well for instance copays for the different levels of dual eligible benefiaries, QMB,SLMB, FMB, and share of cost individuals, are troubling me.

    also if a person is a dual eligible and institutionalized, which of the products would you use? the dual eligible product or the institutional product.

    regarding chronic illness, how are they qualified regarding eligibility, I understand there are more conditions being covered than just asthma,diabetes, high blood pressure, Hyperlipidemia, hyperglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia,Coronary atherosclerosis.

    I've tried calling EVERCARE customer service, that was an exercise in futility. Anyone with any evercare ma/snp experience out there?

    There is no lock in period on the chronic care product.
    g1bass, Jan 11, 2007