MAPD SEP for moving question

Mar 7, 2019

  1. Fisher

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    I stand corrected and publicly apologize to Vic. I know the MOV SEP but I sure didn't realize that the current carrier would term at the end the month in which they are notified of the move. Learn something new every day... which is good.
    Fisher, Mar 8, 2019
  2. Limozine

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    Following up to this thread, I advised the client to call Medicare and they basically confirmed that UHC was within their rights to term at the end of the month in which they learned of the move. They also confirmed her SEP, but that doesn't give her coverage for March, other than original Medicare. I am fairly new to this and was not aware that the SEP for moving was totally separate from the original carrier's obligation to maintain coverage.

    In hindsight, she basically had two options that would have avoided a lapse in coverage: Option 1) call UHC as soon as she knew was leaving and ask them to move her to a plan in her new service area. UHC probably would have gladly obliged to keep the business. The downside is that the phone call and plan change would have used up her SEP, meaning she would be limiting herself to UHC plans in her new service area. However, she COULD have done this, THEN used the OEP to change to a new plan effective 4/1. Option 2) say nothing and hope UHC doesn't find out until after March 1st, then use her SEP to switch to a different plan.